Labrador Puppy Training

Labrador Puppy Training Tips

Labrador puppy training doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. You do need to be consistent with it though. Otherwise your puppy can forget what you have been working on. You also want to focus on only one or two things at a time. Once your puppy has mastered them you can introduce something new. Your dog will become confused and overwhelmed though if you try to teach too much at once.

Since you are working with a puppy, keep in mind that the attention span is going to be limited. You may only have 10 or 15 minutes that you can realistically use for training on a daily basis. Try to keep it fun too so that it is something your puppy wants to be involved with. These are very smart dogs and they also aim to please their owners. Yet there has to be something positive in all of it for them.

The methods you will incorporate for Labrador puppy training really depends on what you wish to accomplish. It may be just the basics for right now such as not barking, not chewing on household items, or using the bathroom in a given place. With the barking you need to use the same command every time to get your dog to stop doing it. Tell them sharply and it won’t take long for the message to sink in.

Give your puppy lots of toys that it can use to chew on. This will cut down on such adventures occurring with your couch or a great pair of shoes. Take your Labrador to the place where you would like bodily functions to occur. Do this every time you see them trying to use the bathroom elsewhere. Before you know it, they will be heading off in that direction on their own when they need to do their business.

Many people take part in Labrador puppy training because they plan to use the dog for hunting. There are plenty of props you can use for such training. For example if you want the dog to be a duck hunter get a fake duck and some scent that you inject into that body. By doing so, they will become familiar with retrieving the ducks you have shot.

During Labrador puppy training, never punish your dog for not doing what you have asked. Instead, redirect their attention so that they are focused on what you have to offer them. You also want to use lots of positive reinforcement. When they know they are making you happy with certain actions they are going to repeat them. Give your puppy lots of praise and even some treats as you work with them on various types of training.

Make sure you do take time with your Labrador retriever to play and to bond in other ways. You shouldn’t only be spending time with your dog to provide training for it. As your dog matures though it will continue to build on the foundation you have laid down with him or her. More advanced types of training can be done as you go along. There are plenty of books and DVD’s out there that can make your training methods easier. You can also consider signing up for a dog training class.

Keep in mind though that each dog has its own unique personality. Your Labrador puppy training methods may have to be modified to fit the personality of your dog. As you spend more time with it you will start to see such characteristics emerging. Use them to your advantage so that training is something you look forward to instead of dreading.



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